Architecture is a state of mind, a lifestyle. It’s about ideas and transforming them into a suitable medium. After my graduation at Kaslik University on 1995, I learned how to bring imagination into reality in a tangible way that would best suit the requirement and functionality of the design project.

My interests were gradual; it is neither a piece nor pieces of work that triggered this inspiration, but a rather slow process of evolution into a lifestyle. What captivates me in this field is the fact that I am able to project my emotions on paper and eventually get to see my creations flourish into reality.

The project undertaken as well as the atmosphere surrounding it, creates a mood of harmony and knowledge between my designs and my receptive clients. It’s a trademark that labels my clients and allows them be a part of my everlasting experience.

Architecture was and will always be the gift of mathematicians, musicians, sculptures, painters. Architecture is not strictly for architects...it’s all about serving a whole civilization and developing a community.


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